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Shop our lithium-ion batteries, cells, and accessories designed for repair, reuse, and recycling.

Green | EV grade | High quality | High amp hour capacity


Product Benefits



ususally delivered sealed in a plastic case, so when a  battery fails (usually only one row of cells in a series that fails), we have to thropw the whole battery away



the open top gives you access to the cells

use: leisure (campervans/boats), electric motors for boats (marine propulsion), solar panels, grid storage,

can take all the cells out and use them for other purposes - differnt to other products because a fault does not mean discard



all the compents of the batteries are not glued in - allowing access for dissembley

lithium os so much more efficient is the charge discharge cycle that the energy saved far outweighs that of a normal battery - can replace them less often also

lead acid batteries only cycle a few hundred times whereas lithium cycles in the thoudands

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reduced fire risk

china big prismatic cells - if there's ever danger of fire in cells, the prismatic have far too much energy and are therefore more hazardous. 32700 (used by tesla simalraly), theere's not ernough energy contained in one cell for it to be a problem


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more energy efficient

50% (low) depth of discharge for lead acid compared to lithium-ion (85%) - you get more energy per amp hour bought - if you buy a 100ah battery, youll get 80ah instead of 50ah.

lithium-ion battery has the ability to charge and discharge


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